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The Power of Words

March 12, 2012

Words have the power to hurt, destroy, tear-down and oppress and words have the power to heal, create, lift-up and empower.  The words you choose dictate your thinking.  How do you speak to yourself?  Does your inner voice use kind or destructive words?  How do you speak to the people around you?  How do allow other people speak to you?

Begin to listen to those around you.  Notice how people in your circle of influence speak; your loved-ones, co-workers, and friends.   You can choose to use negative words and perpetuate negativity or you can choose to use positive words and perpetuate positivity.  We do and become what we believe we can do and become.  Believe in yourself and the power to succeed by using positive words…………and don’t forget Optimists Rock!


Facebook: The Optimists Edge

Copyright 2012   Robin B. O’Grady

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