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Develop Your Own Personal Mission Statement

March 30, 2012

Identifying what you really want and the specific action necessary to get it can give you purpose and direction and is a huge motivator and call to action.  It can also help you in developing your very own mission statement which is your personal guidepost, a beacon and measurement tool to determine if you are on the right track in the creation of your amazing life.  Here are some examples of a personal mission statement;

  • “I am intentionally compelled and inspired to help as many people as I can while creating an amazing life for my family and leaving an incredible legacy for my children, this is my mission.”
  •  “My personal mission is to educate, inspire and motivate others through my personal experiences and to fully participate in my relationships with my family, friends and God while becoming the best that I can be.”

Ask yourself frequently if you are fulfilling your personal mission because this is one of the ways to confirm you are making progress.  While personal mission statements are not written in stone and will change over time, they are an indicator of whether you are reaching your goals and dreams and can help keep you motivated when you get discouraged.

I would love to hear about your personal mission statement and your feedback is always welcome………and remember, Optimists Rock!



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Copyright  2012   Robin B. O’Grady


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