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Going with the Flow

April 20, 2012

There really is validity in letting go of struggle and accepting things as they are. Going with the flow means that you do what you can to handle the day to day details of your life and then let go.   Going with the flow can be a huge relief for those that are in the habit of controlling everything.  Managing people, places, and things is an illusion because in fact you have little to no actual control over other people and situations.

It takes a lot of energy to maintain the illusion  that you run the planet from your living room or from wherever else you may be, so when you let go of the results and find that everything still turns out okay, it can be a very liberating experience .  When you let go and go with the flow you give other people the opportunity to grow because you are no longer trying to manage their lives and they begin to find they are absolutely capable of managing their lives on their own.  Imagine that!? This doesn’t mean you can’t be helpful; in fact, we all need love and support from those we care about.  It means simply that we let go of the reigns of the world and narrow our focus down to what is right in front of and just do the next indicated thing.

When we go with the flow we begin to develop a sense that all is well.  This is faith!  Faith is the complete trust in, or sincerity of your intentions. If your intentions are to move beyond your negative thinking and create an amazing life, then going with the flow can help you move and grow with change rather than buck it and move against it. Going with the flow takes practice and can feel difficult at first but is worth the emotional, physical, and spiritual peace and positivity we experience as a result..and don’t forget….Optimists Rock!

Copyright 2012   Robin B. O’Grady



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