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Live for Greatness

May 19, 2012

Living for greatness means that you are striving to be the best possible version of yourself.  Living for greatness means you are no longer shrinking away from the action you know you must take to push yourself, to keep growing, and to continue moving forward on your journey to create your amazing life.  Living for greatness means that you have made a choice to be your best, live your best, and do your best in all of your life areas.

The definition of “optimum” is; the point at which the condition is the most favorable or advantageous for growth which produces the best possible results.  Living for greatness means that you are willing to create in your own life, the most favorable conditions for your own personal growth which will naturally lead you to the best possible results.

Your attitude is a good indicator to determine where you are on the path of living your greatness. If you find yourself in a bad mood, judging others, or thinking about negative outcomes, this is an indicator that you are not feeling good about yourself.  In order to live for greatness you must rise above your own negative thinking and change your attitude.

Many people subconsciously sabotage their own greatness by practicing behaviors that make them feel oppressed, depressed, and even hopeless without even consciously realizing that they are doing these things.  Some examples include;

  • Belittling yourself by participating in self-deprecating jokes, stories or conversations and/or using self-deprecating language/cutting yourself down verbally or in your head
  •  Denying or minimizing your talents, desires or potential
  • Trying to “fit-in” by participating in behavior that you do not agree with
  • Playing it safe by dreaming small when you know you have bigger dreams
  • Stifling your creativity and passion by doing what you think others want to you do rather than following your own calling and passion

Living your greatness is contingent upon your ability to train yourself to keep a positive attitude regardless of the circumstances happening around you.  This takes commitment, practice and an ongoing awareness of your own thinking and behaviors and how each plays a huge role in your ability to create your amazing life.  Tearing yourself down even in jest, and not giving yourself the opportunity to really dream big and set and meet big goals, keeps you stuck in that limbo of mediocrity. On the opposite scale, building yourself up and allowing yourself, actually trusting yourself to dream big and set big goals, sets you on the path to greatness.  Don’t let your fear of failure or successes keep you from the life of greatness that you deserve…..Optimists Rock!

Copyright  2012   Robin O’Grady



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