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From Zero to Hero

July 2, 2012

It is so important to have someone in your life, a hero, a mentor, a supporter who models the ideals, values and personality traits that you admire.  Emulating your heros can raise the bar to help you reach your highest personal potential and give you the hope and motivation that you too can excel, succeed, and create your amazing life!  So who is your hero?

Is it the next door neighbor who bakes homemade bread and home schools her children and still makes time to visit the elderly?  Is it the man who makes it a point to never forget important dates like wedding anniversaries and birthdays? How about the woman who built a business with her bare hands and singlehandedly raised two children on her own?  Is it someone who is rich and  famous and able to do big things to help the world because they have the means?

What about when you were little?  Did you have a hero growing up? Who were they and what made them special?  Begin looking around you now and you will find you are surrounded by heros.  Who are the people that model the ideals, values and personality traits that you admire?  What is it that they are modeling that is attractive to you and how are you similar?  There is an old adage that we can “act as if” until we are truly able to become what it is we want to be.

Today, rather than living by default and merely getting through the next 24 hours, do your best to behave like your heros.   Act as if you are happy and successful and have plenty of energy to help those around you, and surely you will.  Imagine if you behaved in this way, one day after another, then another, and another.  Are you getting the picture?  And maybe, just maybe, you will be honored to find,  that you already are or have become, somebody elses hero………….and remember, Optimists Rock! 

Copyright  2012  Robin B. O’Grady

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  1. NaShira Morrison permalink
    July 11, 2012 2:14 pm

    I admire you and the way that you look at life.You are definatley one of my heros. Thank you or sharing yet another amazing post! I adore you! ❤

    • robinogrady permalink*
      July 11, 2012 4:03 pm

      Right back at you NaShira! You are the kind of friend everyone hopes to have because you are not afraid to be present. That means your a gift :)!

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