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Of Eskimos and Angels

July 20, 2012

Have you ever met someone exceptional who taught you something really important that changed your perception of yourself or the world?  There is a term “Eskimo” that is sometimes used to describe people who show up in our lives just when we need them most, sometimes only briefly and sometimes for a long while to teach us something of value.  Sometimes these are pleasant experiences but other times they may not be so pleasant.  They push us out of our comfort zone to become our best despite our resistance.  Maybe you call them angels or have other words to describe them.

In 1989 I was overcoming some pretty intense struggles and went to a therapist to help me sort through some tough stuff.   One day with all the hope in my heart that I could muster I said to her “I believe that If I wanted to be president of the United States and began working tomorrow with vigilance toward my goal, I surely would be president one day”.  She said to me, “Oh Robin, you really need to know your limitations”.  The wind was completely taken out of my sails and any hope I had to dream BIG dreams was squashed because after all, I was limited and needed to accept it.  I trusted her and because she was a professional, I believed her, but that is not the end of the story.

Many years later I was on the opposite side of the desk and a gal walked into my office that completely changed my frame of reference. She had just gotten out of prison after three long years and she told me she was going to get a great job in a large nearby city, buy a home, and regain custody of not only her son, but also her nephew who was living in a toxic environment and do you know what I said to her?   “Oh Susie, you really need to know your limitations”.

A year later, she walked into my office smiling from ear to ear with two boys.  She had just gotten the keys to her new home, had a great job in a large nearby city and had regained custody of her son and nephew.   What I learned from her was the most valuable lesson of all times and that is that we are what we say we are, no more and no less, and that you are only limited by your own beliefs  What a gift she gave me!

You all have Eskimos in your lives, the people who touch you, change you, and lift you up, the ones that teach you the lessons you remember for a lifetime and if you keep your eyes wide open, maybe one day you will find that you are someone else’s Eskimo and that you helped them change their perception about themselves or the world!…..Optimists Rock!

Copyright   2012   Robin B. O’Grady

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