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Turn Your Coal Into Diamonds

November 24, 2012

Did you know that coal turns into diamond only after being under extreme pressure? Imagine that!  So that means that all the hard times you have experienced, all the pressure and the moments when you thought you could not endure one more thing but did, has made you the amazing, multi-faceted and beautiful person that you are today.

But what if there are still some areas in your life that could use improvement?  Do you see coal where you know diamonds could be? Here are some strategies to help you turn that coal into diamonds:

  • Get motivated!  Listen to motivational speakers, read motivational articles or information like this one to give you the extra umph you need to keep your momentum moving forward!
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  • Get busy!  Do one thing a day that will help you create your amazing life.  Go for a great rigorous walk, get up 10 or 15 minutes early to meditate, eat well today, and make sure your being good to yourself.
  • Visualize your coal turning into diamonds.  See yourself and your life areas changing for the better.  What would that look like?  What you be doing?  Now do it!
  • Get support.  Talk to a friend, family or to someone you trust about your goals and your plan to reach them. Verbally affirm that you are on your way.
  • Be supportive to yourself!  Use positive self-talk as a motivator to succeed.  Be your own best cheerleader! Success is an inside job and it begins with YOU.

Each new day is an opportunity to turn your coal into diamonds.  Life is not about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself!  Celebrate, motivate and elevate YOU and you will shine more brightly each day.  Look for opportunities to connect with others who shine and are turning their coal into diamonds too.   The more motivated, happy and positive you become, the more you will attract motivated, happy and positive people to you and remember…………Optimists Rock!

Copyright  2012   Robin B. O’Grady

Facebook:  The Optimists Edge

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