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Solution-based Thinking

January 24, 2013

Optimists have the tendency to find the silver-lining in every situation and to take immediate action when they face a challenging situation. You can replace the Three R’s (re-hashing, resentment and regret) with new effective tools to help you begin to change self-defeating thoughts and behaviors;

Awareness- Notice and become aware that you are thinking or acting in a way that does not serve you. This the first step in changing the thought or behavior.

Acknowledge- Acknowledge and accept that YOU are the only one who can make changes on your behalf. Be accountable for your thinking, your behavior, and for finding effective solutions to your challenges.

Action- Take action. Do one small thing today to turn your negative thinking or behavior around. It will make you feel better and can motivate you to continue moving forward.

Some examples of action include:
Change the Channel – Literally and figuratively. stop your thinking process or undesirable behavior and replace it with positive thoughts or behaviors. Think about people you love, activities your enjoy, or count your blessings. Imagine yourself literally changing the channel to the “good news.”

Positive Self-talk- When you find yourself being critical of yourself or others, be your own best friend. Speak kindly to yourself and gift yourself with positive affirmations. Sometimes we are really hard on ourselves and while it can helpful to keep ourselves in check, negative self-talk perpetuates feelings of low self-worth and can be disempowering. Be your own biggest fan and cut yourself a little slack! In contrast, When you treat yourself with respect and kindness it trickles down to everything you touch and everyone you love.

Optimism is a way of life. You CAN spend the majority of your time feeling happy, optimistic and accomplished……Optimism Rocks!

Copyright 2013 Robin B. O’Grady
Facebook: The Optimists Edge

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  1. robinogrady permalink*
    January 31, 2012 2:26 am

    It is so true, the deeper the sorrow, the deeper the joy. The more adversity you experience, the more you appreciate the good times for sure…….that which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, and often times more compassionate and better able to help others.

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