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Start Your Day off on the Right Foot

February 27, 2013

Starting your day on the right foot is a choice.  You can choose to live by default by hitting the snooze button on your clock without any thought of how you will create your day, or you can choose to take a few moments to think your day through and make sure you have the time you need to be prepared.  As simple as this may sound, being prepared can make the difference between waking up on the wrong side of the bed and having a bad day, or feeling centered and ready to face what comes your way. This may mean planning ahead by packing your lunch or showering the night before but it is well worth your peace of mind.  In the morning before your feet hit the floor while you are still lying in bed, ask yourself these four simple questions:

  • What are my plans today?
  • How do want this day to go?
  • What are some things I am grateful for today?
  • What can I do for someone else today?

Imagine yourself moving through your day cheerfully from room to room, person to person.  See yourself enjoying your day and imagine the peace of mind you are feeling as you are going about your tasks.  Notice how good these thoughts make you feel, take a deep cleansing breath and then get up begin your day.  Throughout your day if you begin feeling stressed, pause, take a few deep breaths and then continue on with your business.  You can do this many times a day if necessary and with practice you will begin to feel grounded despite your external conditions.  You can start your day over any moment you choose!  Remember……Optimists Rock!

Copyright 2013  Robin B. O’Grady

Facebook: The Optimists Edge

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