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Your Positive Presence

March 17, 2013

Have you ever looked at a picture of someone you love, your child or maybe a loved one that has passed away and you could feel them, feel their actual essence or spirit?  You also have an essence, the energy that is YOU.  A friend of mine refers to our spirit as benevolent which means the tendency to help someone or do good for others, an act of kindness.  How do you practice benevolence?  What will you contribute to those you love and how will you speak and act to those who cross your path over the course of the day?   Here are some simple positive acts that you can practice to have a positive presence;

Open the door for someone with full hands

Tell one person today why you appreciate them and why they are important to you

Give someone the gift of slowing down long enough to really listen to them

Smile and say hello to a stranger, acknowledge another human being

Do something kind for someone without recognition or telling them you did it

Call someone you’ve been meaning to call but haven’t made time for

Remind your children how much you love them just the way they are and that you are so proud of them

I bet you can think of so many more ways to practice benevolence!  You can also send your benevolent spirit ahead of you in the morning to pave the way for your day.  Imagine your spirit filling the spaces you will travel with love and positivity.  See your benevolent spirit lingering in the places you go long after you’ve gone.  As surely as you feel the heat from the sun and the chill of the rain, those around you feel your spirit.  What will you do today to have a positive presence?

Copyright 2013  Robin B. O’Grady

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