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You Have the Power

April 14, 2013

History and society have conditioned us to believe that we are separate from our power (God, source, angels, grandfather or however you identify your loving creator).   We have been seeking our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being outside of ourselves when in truth everything we need is within us and we have held the key all along.

We have been given the power to love, to think and to act.  What we do with this power dictates our destiny.  Begin taking responsibility for your power and your life.  Begin building a stronger connection with that place in you that is god-given.  Begin counting on and conferring with this connection when making decisions each day.  See a mental picture of who you want to be physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Reflect on this mental picture often.  When you are connected at your core, things automatically work out well and as they should.

When situations arise that are difficult, see them as opportunities for growth because surely they are.  Even if they are uncomfortable, keep an open mind.  The outcomes of your life are in your hands and remember…….Optimists Rock!

Copyright 2013    Robin B. O’Grady

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