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Coping With Change

April 22, 2013

Human beings are creates of habit so is it any wonder we struggle when changes occur? Big or small, for many, the thought of change can elicit feelings of being out of control especially if you have the illusion that you’ve been in control in the first place. Change can also create feelings of loss, sadness and anxiety. It’s important to learn how to roll with your resistance to change and reframe its meaning to see it in a positive light. Here are some great strategies to practice that will help you begin rolling with your resistance and reframing change;

  • Identify the change. Write a clear description of the perceived change
  • Acknowledge your feelings to whatever the change is
  • Identify what fears/concerns come up as a result of the change
  • Identify what effect this change will have in your life
  • Look purposely for the silver lining! When you can attach positive meaning to the change, you can transform your feelings and attitude toward it.

Both positive and negative changes can create stress so remember to take good care of yourself when changes occur and don’t forget, Optimists Rock!

Copyright 2013    Robin B.O’Grady

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  1. April 29, 2013 7:19 am

    Very well put. I like that you encourage your readers to acknowledge their feelings. Many people try to avoid their feelings and this keeps them stuck.

    • robinogrady permalink*
      May 8, 2013 4:03 pm

      Especially feelings like resentment and regret! Thanks for your comment Joe, I can’t tell you howmany people have shared that these things have kept them stuck and they even used the word “stuck” to describe how they feel.

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