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Ask and Receive

May 25, 2013

Have you ever had a time in your life when you knew you were at the cross road?  A time when you were you afraid and uncertain about your future? When I was going through the separation and divorce of my marriage, money was extremely tight and I was filled with fear about my future.  Some of the questions on my mind and heart were;

  • Who am I now that everything has changed?
  • How would I survive and take care of my kids on my own?
  • How will I get my kids through this heartache especially when my own heart is broken?
  • How can I grow past my circumstances?
  • What is it that I really want in my life?

That was one of the hardest times of my life. I was living on a dirt hill in a small manufactured home with my children, going to the food bank and feeling utterly hopeless about my future. I remember one of my young sons saying to me, “mommy, some day I want to live in a house with grass” because literally there was no landscaping in our yard, it was all dirt.

Little did I know that what literally took me to my knees in emotional pain was the catalyst that propelled me into my new and amazing life.  In the corner of my bedroom, I created a prayer and meditation area and began to get up twenty minutes early each morning in an attempt to get “plugged in” and to find answers to the important questions I was seeking.  As I connected each day, I began to experience strength inside of me that I never knew I had. The answers to my questions began to come to me and my life began to change for the rapidly and profoundly.  Unexpectedly I was recruited for a great new job, I found a great house with a fenced yard in a neighborhood where my children already had friends, and my emotional and financial condition began to greatly improve.

The answers to my questions were inside of me all along. All I had to do was get quiet, ask, and listen. This healing in my life was miraculous.  The sun began to shine on me again and I began growing from the inside out in leaps and bounds.  To this day, meditation and prayer have been an integral and mandatory part of my life and are the foundation for starting my day on the right foot. They have become my bottom line in self-care. Give yourself the gift of connecting with your spirit.  You will be led to peace of mind and greater things in all of your life areas and don’t forget………Optimists Rock!

Copyright 2013  Robin B. O’Grady Facebook:  The Optimists Edge

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