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Relaxing Under Pressure

July 3, 2013

Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed with responsibilities?  Do you sometimes feel like you just can’t keep up with your own life or the expectations and deadlines of others?  Have you ever actually become immobilized by worry or stress? 

While some stress can be good for you in terms of keeping you motivated and moving forward to the reaching of your goals, moderate to severe stress can actually create illness in your body and mind and can affect your overall well-being by magnifying feelings of worry, fear and inability to adequately perform tasks at home and work.  But what can you do to stay calm, centered, and focused during difficult times with multiple responsibilities and deadlines?  Here are some great strategies for relaxing under pressure:

Make sure you start the day on the right foot by giving yourself time to get ready in the morning.  Get up 20 minutes or a half hour early to meditate and get centered before you hit the ground running.  There is nothing worse than running late while you are already under extreme pressure.

Make sure you are taking at least twenty minutes a day to walk or do some kind of exercise.  Exercise relieves stress on the body and stimulates the “feel good” center in your brain.  You can’t help but feel better after exercising!

Recognize what you realistically have time to do then do it.  Do the best you can with the time you have because it is truly all you can do.

Be mindful while you perform your tasks and remember to breath.  Do positive affirmations and remind yourself that everything will be ok because surely it will.

If you are losing sleep due to stress, make sure you don’t drink caffeine after 12:00 pm and take 20-30 minutes before bedtime to read, meditate, pray and/or take a relaxing hot bath or shower.  If you are still struggling with sleeplessness try listening to classical music for a while or a meditation CD meant specifically for relaxation.

Worrying and fretting take away from your ability to be creative and productive so remind yourself to be good to you and practice positive self-talk.  If you find yourself thinking negative thoughts or sending yourself negative messages, stop yourself, breath and repeat your positive affirmations.

It is possible to relax under pressure and surely you will get so much more accomplished if you are able to let go of worry and take care of yourself in the process.  Be good to you because you deserve it.  No task or deadline is worth your well-being and don’t forget……Optimists Rock!

Copyright 2013  Robin B. O’Grady

Facebook:  The Optimists Edge

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