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Fear is Only Fear

September 30, 2013

How many times have you let fear stop you in your tracks from doing something you really wanted to do?  Any new situation that pushes you out of your comfort zone can create the feeling of fear but you always have a choice; You can choose to face your fear and grow through it or you can choose to run in the other direction.  While neither is right or wrong, they both have significantly different outcomes.

For instance, lets say you have to confront someone you love about something they do that is unacceptable to you but you are fearful about the possible negative outcome.  If you address the issue and do it in a way that is respectful, you give them the opportunity to change the behavior should they choose and you might even be pleasantly surprised at the response.

On the opposite scale, if you don’t express your annoyance about the behavior, resentment may build and you may express this resentment in ways that don’t serve you.  At least when you address someone with your truth, you are able to release the negative energy behind it whether they choose to act on it or not.

Another example is getting up each day for work to go to some place you hate because you are fearful there is nothing else out there for you.  Did you know that most people who get great jobs already have a job when they begin their job search?  It is you and you alone standing in the way of your forward progression.  By facing your fear, you can move mountains and do things you never believed you could!

In it’s simplest form, fear almost always boils down to one of two things:

  • You are afraid you will lose something you already have OR
  • You are afraid you will not get something you want

Here are some great strategies to shine the light on your fear and keep your fear at its right size:

  • Write it out.  Sometimes what you think in your head looks very different on paper.  Writing it out can help you identify your fear for what it really is
  • Talk to someone about it.  Discuss your fear with someone else.  It can be helpful to get an alternative perspective from someone who sees things differently than you
  • Mediatate on and visualize the opposite of what you fear.  If you are afraid you won’t have enough money, meditate on and see yourself with more than enough money.  If you are afraid you will never find real love, see yourself in a loving relationship with your ideal partner.

After all, in all of its over-rated glory, fear is just a feeling like so many others; happiness, sadness, joy, confusion, etc. and all feelings are transient.  It is safe to say that the way you may be feeling today will most definitely be different then the way you feel next week, or next year.

The courageous Nelson Mandela said, “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear but the triumph over it.  The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers the fear.”

Face your fear and become your best one day and one situation at a time and remember…………….Optimists Rock!!

Copyright 2012   Robin B. O’Grady

Facebook: The Optimists Edge

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