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Unstoppable You

October 13, 2013

Have you ever had a dream, something important you are passionate about that you wanted to manifest in your life, only to find that eventually you lose the motivation to make it happen?  Maybe a few weeks or even months later you just kind of give up on it because you get busy with other things and distracted with day-to-day life.   You will never reach your dreams and get to where you want to be when you throw in the towel! 

Sometimes life can feel overwhelming and your tasks never-ending.  Everyone needs down time to recharge and get re-inspired.  It is normal to take a break from our activities but don’t give up on your dreams!  Remember there is nothing you can’t do if you are;

Determined, compelled, tenacious, persevering, persistent, steadfast

These are all words that describe a way of behaving and living in essence, if you truly want to live the life of your dreams.  It doesn’t matter that you do not feel 100% committed today, just take action anyway and before you know it, you will be standing that much closer to the life you have always imagined.  Each new day is an opportunity to change your life.  If you weren’t motivated yesterday, you can become motivated today.  Here are some great tools to keep you motivated;

Put your dream on paper.  There is something that happens between the heart and the pen that just doesn’t happen between the mind and the mouth.

Write down one thing you can do today toward the reaching of your dream and do it!

Review your writing every day.  Take five minutes to get quiet and really “see” your dream.  What will your life look like when you reach your dream?

Remember that down-time is good.   If you weren’t motivated yesterday or this week or even last week, just pick-up where you left and build from there.  You are not a failure for taking a break.

Do not give-up on yourself no matter what.  Be your own best cheerleader.  No one can create the life of your dreams for you.  It is an inside job based on the daily action you are willing to take to create your future, and your own personal belief in yourself.  Each day you can plant the seeds for tomorrows harvest.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds  that you plant.” Robert Louis Stevenson, and most of all, don’t forget that Optimists Rock!

Copyright  2012    Robin B. O’Grady

Facebook: The Optimists Edge

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  1. October 14, 2013 6:47 am

    Thank You Robin. I needed that today.

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