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Unconditional Regard

December 7, 2013

Have you ever had a relationship with someone and just felt completely accepted by them?  You knew that it didn’t matter if you made mistakes, said something wrong, or weren’t at your best because you knew that this person loved you for you, imperfections and all.  Maybe it was a Grandparent or close friend or if you were super blessed, maybe it was a significant other like your husband or wife.  Didn’t you feel supported and like you could take on the world because you knew this person believed in you?

Sometimes our own expectations about ourselves and others can ruin the simple beauty that occurs when we are free to just be ourselves.  Likewise, when we accept others as they are, they feel free to be themselves without judgment and who are we after all, to expect or tell someone else what they should be, have, or do?

A wise friend told me once that if you can’t accept someone how they are today, you may as well walk away because you can’t expect others to change in the ways that you dictate.  Being disappointed because someone doesn’t realize what you perceive as their “potential” means that you have put yourself in the position to judge another and that you think you know what is best for someone else.  Potential comes from the inside out and is measured by the way you feel about yourself.  Your potential and the reaching of your potential is measured by you!

When you accept others as they are and let go of your expectations you become a magnet, and you are in the position to support and be of maximum help and service to another.  Never let anyone convince you that you are not good enough. We are all, everyone, stronger than we know………Optimists Rock!

Copyright  2012   Robin B. O’Grady

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