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Honor Your Spirit

January 12, 2014

While I am not a religious person, ten years ago I made a commitment to myself to spend time each day in prayer and meditation in an effort to gain clarity, peace, and a stronger connection with myself and God’s will for me. I designated a space in my house where I could sit quietly and each morning I began to rise 20-30 minutes early.  At first I was not sure how to proceed but I continued to make this daily effort anyway. Sometimes I would just sit in my space and pray out loud and other times I got quiet and tried to listen to the small still voice inside, my spirit, God!  Over time the results have been nothing but miraculous!

I am filled with energy, peace of mind, and hope for the world and my future each day!  I have been blessed with more prosperity, abundance and love than I ever thought was possible but most importantly, I know that God works in me, as me, and through me as a direct result of allowing our relationship to develop and making time to cultivate this relationship.

I have been able to move beyond my past and the adversity I experienced in my early life to a full and meaningful existence and to practice and model forgiveness, joy, good health, and well-being at home, at work, and in all of my life areas.  I have stopped looking for something “over there” because I am happy where I am and at the same time I have stepped into the mighty shoes which were meant specifically for me!

Is this what you want for your life?  If so, you will love my “Create Your Amazing Life” retreat where you will learn the tools to make positive, permanent change in your life from the inside out.  Click the “Create Your Amazing Life” box to learn more about this upcoming transformational weekend at beautiful Pilgrim Firs, April 11-13th!  I hope to see you there!

Copyright  2013   Robin B. O’Grady

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