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You Can Do It!

February 11, 2014

The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don’t seriously consider them as believable or achievable. -Dennis Waitley

When it comes to reaching your goals, you are at the jumping off place because you are at the point where physical action is necessary. Here is where your behavior

will either initiate permanent and lasting change or you will sink back into the patterns you have known for so long. Will you jump headlong with both feet into your new

life and say, “Yes” to the creation of your amazing life, or will you succumb to mediocrity and

settle for less than your true calling, living your life by default and moving in whatever direction the wind is blowing? This is the fork

in the road. Come join me and countless others who have made it to the other side. Once and for all, say, “Enough is enough,” and

take the plunge. Roll up your sleeves and let’s get busy!

Here is a note I wrote myself when I, once and for all, made the decision to move full-steam ahead:

Note to Self: You will need to be brave! When all the other fish around you are swimming downstream, you will need to swim

up. You must gather your gumption, your dreams, and your hope, and mix them all together until they become a tornado,

a driving force. This can only be done one day at a time, one thought and action at a time, but the synergistic effect will support

and propel you into the good life…the life of your dreams. Go for it and don’t give up no matter what!

You have a dream, you have a plan, and now you must complete the action steps of your plan. As you are doing your research each

 day, you will begin to find others with similar dreams who have taken action and found success. Study them and find out how they

did it. What did they do, and where did they go to connect to others with similar interests?

If you are an aspiring author, speaker or coach, where do those with similar interests and goals meet to connect with one another

in your community and in the online community? Whatever your goals and aspirations, make arrangements to begin connecting with

like-minded people through local networking groups, seminars, personal development workshops, and even webinars, many of

which are cost free. Let people know who you are, what your plans are, and ask a lot of questions.

You will be pleasantly surprised to find that most people and networking groups are open to meeting and sharing their information

with you about how they’ve achieved their goals. They will also take you seriously. They know through personal experience that

you can achieve your goals and live your dreams. They have done it and they believe you can do it too. The pinnacle of empowerment

is to begin realizing that you can and will achieve your goals and to get closer and closer with each passing day to the realization of your

dreams; to see them begin to manifest as a result of your hand in your life is a feeling that no employer, no external person, place, or

thing can give you. This is living with passion! This is what it feels like and looks like when you are creating your own amazing life!

The Optimist’s Edge, Moving Beyond Negativity to Create Your Amazing life

Copyright 2013  Robin B. O’Grady

FB: The Optimist’s Edge

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