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Lead with Heart

February 23, 2014

From housewife to construction worker, to non-profit executive, we all are leaders in our own right.  Leading with heart is the art of identifying and addressing in a productive meaningful way, the core of what is driving a person, causing a conflict, or creating discord.   Over the last twenty-five years I have had the opportunity to lead many teams and you can believe there are times when it be challenging, uncomfortable and sometimes just down right irritating.  Sometimes it can be difficult to get people on the same page especially when they are passionate about what they do and how they do it.

Some simple strategies to practice when problem solving and working through conflict and discord are;

  • Sleep on it before deciding to address the issue especially when you are tired, angry, or confused and need clarity about a situation.  After a good nights sleep pray and meditate about it.
  • Put down the hammer.  Coming into a situation hard with a hammer approach, a closed mind, or a pre-written agenda never resolves a problem.  Make a firm plan but be ready to compromise and change the plan if applicable as you gather more information.
  • Be a good listener.  What is someone really trying to tell you?  Are they hurt? Angry, Sad?  What is underneath the conflict?
  • Honor the opinion of others!  You don’t have to agree with their perspective but acknowledge the other person’s truth.  Whether you believe their opinion is right or wrong, it’s true to them.
  • Give honest feedback including constructive criticism but be sure to follow the criticism by also identifying strengths.  Everyone has strengths so be sure point them out.  This can make assimilating difficult criticism less of a blow and may help someone stay open to the information you are relaying.

You catch more bees with honey every time and treating people with compassion, listening to what they have to say, looking for the meaning behind the words, and problem solving together creates an atmosphere of trust, harmony and inclusion that is empowering and respectful and after all,  don’t we all want to be empowered and treated with respect? ………….Optimists Rock!

Robin O’Grady    Copyright 2012

Facebook:  The Optimists Edge

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