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Infinite Blessings

March 9, 2014

January 2014 marked the two-year point for my blog, The Optimists Edge and 2013 was a year filled with hope, of following my dreams, of being supported not only by the universe but by my family, friends, loved ones, and many new friends around the world.  Who would have thought that just two years from its inception, that so many people would be interested in what I have to say and that my dream of publishing my book and realizing my life long dream of becoming an author and speaker would be fulfilled?

While I don’t write too much about myself because I am more interested in helping others,  I would like to spend a moment thanking you for blessing me.  There are no words for the encouragement and support that I have felt from all of  you.  I can’t wait to see what is going to happen next!  My personal mission is to inspire, motivate and help you turn your adversity into your biggest asset, and to help you find what took me so many years to find; that you are amazing and capable of creating the great life you deserve.

In April I will be hosting my first live retreat weekend “Create Your Amazing Life” for women only at the Pilgrim Firs Conference Center in Port Orchard WA. I am also in the process of developing my five CD Home Study Course, “Five-Star Success.”  I hope that you find it inspiring, motivating, useful, and most of all that it gives you the breakthrough you desire to get from point A, where you are to Point B, living the life of joy, prosperity and love that you so deserve. In it you will find a five-step map that will lead you to your destiny and a life filled with contentment and passion.  If I can do this, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!  Blessings to all of you as the Spring flowers begin to bloom and there is a renewed sense of hope and the expectancy of all good things coming your way.  The best really is yet to come and remember……….Optimists Rock!

Copyright 2014   Robin B. O’Grady

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