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You Are Extraordinary!

March 21, 2014

People stay stuck in the rut of negative thinking for many reasons, but one thing is for sure, remaining stagnant can compound negative feelings, depression, and low self-worth, and it affirms the core belief that you aren’t worth the effort to change.  The definition of mediocrity is: ordinary and not exceptional in any way.

In reality, you are anything but mediocre because we are all extraordinary, unique, and exceptional in our own ways. Extraordinary means that we are exceptional, beyond what is usual and this is what we, each of us, really are. Deep inside, you know you are exceptional and meant to live an amazing life, but when you don’t honor and act on this reality, you become conflicted, depressed, and confused about who you are and what you want to do in your life. That is when you find yourself settling for less than what you really deserve in life, love, work, and in your health.

Sometimes it can feel easier just to get by day-to-day than to face the fear of the unknown and take the positive action necessary to move forward and create change. When you are in the habit of being negative, just the very repetition of doing something over and over can create a false feeling of safety and security. Knowing what to expect even if it’s negative can be comforting somehow, especially when it’s all you’ve known. Some other reasons why you may find yourself stuck in the rut of negative thinking include:

• Fear of Change

• Low Self-Worth

• Internalizing the Opinions and Feelings of Others

• Procrastination

• Not Knowing Where to Start

• Fear of Failure

The only difference between stagnancy and the life of your dreams is action. Be willing and ready to take action, especially when it means leaving negative people, places, and things behind so you can have more room for positive people, places, and things.  You are extraordinary!  You deserve the best so go get it! 

Copyright 2013   Robin O’Grady

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